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The Top 10 Sax Videos of all Time

Whether you’re an amateur, professional, or somewhere-in-between sax player, or even if you just appreciate the sultry tones of a well-played alto, tenor, bari, or even soprano saxophone, these are the best sax videos to watch. Whether you’re doing household chores or need something to dance to, these are some videos to fill your ears with.


1. Solís Music

If what you’re looking for is a fresh take on something familiar, the compilation of covers put together by Solís Music might be the best sax video. Virtuoso sax players David and Samuel Solís soulfully cover such familiar hits as “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner and Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” in what might be one of the best sax videos.

Live: From the Stage to the Streets

2. Dance Monkey

3. Top 10 AMAZING Street Performers

4. Too Many Zooz

The only thing more impressive than an amazing performer is one who can take their talent out of the safe and sterile confines of the recording studio and perform live in front of people. “Dance Monkey” is a sax video of a street performance by Daniele Vitale on a coastal sidewalk. “Top 10 AMAZING Street Performers” is another compilation of amazing ensembles entertaining the public. “Too Many Zooz” definitely deserves a spot on the list of best sax videos, and unedited video featuring a trio performing in a Union Square Subway station.

“Real” Jazz

5. Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson (Hannover, 1972)

6. Cannonball Adderley – Live 1963

7. Eric Dolphy

The great Ben Webster with bassist Oscar Peterson stir up grooves live onstage that exemplify jazz and the blues in their purest forms. The sax video of Cannonball Adderley captured in 1963 is full of catchy and irresistable improv solos. For tender expressiveness and unexpected melodic choices, there’s Eric Dolphy. He plays bass clarinet in addition to sax, an instrument that receives so little featured attention in jazz (or in general).

In the Studio

8. Kenny G

Impromptu live performances are fresh and exciting, but sometimes it’s nice to find a sax video that’s more polished, refined, recorded under optimal conditions, and professionally mixed and produced. You can’t go wrong when you go with the classics, and for saxophone, you can’t get much more classic than Kenny G. His signature sultry soprano sax tone is so much more than a cliché or novelty on this 2019 Greatest Hits album.

Popular Themes

9. The Consouls


For those jazzheads gamer crossovers out there, The Consouls are just what you’ve always wanted. This jazz fusion cover of “The Legend of Zelda Overworld Theme” is fronted by Tim Teyland on tenor. As for movie music, though it’s hard to get away from Star Wars nowadays, those who still can’t get enough of it will love what Grace Kelly Music has pulled off in their sax video. This is not just a saxophone cover; it’s a full audio-visual experience and might be the best sax video ever made.

After watching all these sax videos, it might be tempting to dust off the old saxophone case and see if it still works – or it might give you the motivation and inspiration you need to go the extra mile in your regular practice sessions. Any of these tracks are great to learn and play along with or improvise over. Whether you are an amateur player, professional, or just an avid music listener, these videos are essential viewing and listening material.