Easy Saxophone Songs To Start With

    Easy Saxophone Songs
    Easy Saxophone Songs for Beginners

    Learning to play the saxophone has been on the mind of many people. A saxophone is a unique instrument that has different sounds depending on the shape of the body on the saxophone. The bigger the body is, the deeper the sound when played. The four parts to a saxophone are the mouthpiece, the neck, the body and the bell. These are the saxophones that are seen in orchestras and are used for people’s first saxophone songs.

    There are many saxophones but the four beginner ones are Soprano, Alto, Tenor¬†and Baritone. The Alto and Tenor are the most commonly used. An Alto is great for beginners because it’s light enough for a child to use and it doesn’t take much air to create sound. A Tenor is bigger and has a deeper sound. It is heavier and requires more air to play.

    After selecting the right saxophone, you need to find easy saxophone songs to practice. One thing to remember is to focus on your technique while practicing. Some easy saxophone songs to learn are Titanium by David Guetta, I want to break free by Queen and Ain’t no Sunshine by Bill Withers. Check this video out for more information;

    If you are looking for some more saxophone songs to try, check this video out;

    These saxophone songs are Set Fire to the Rain by Adele, Another day in Paradise by Phil Collins and the theme from the Great Escape by Bernstein. One tip is to repeat the notes to yourself while playing.

    Those are some easy saxophone songs to learn when first starting the saxophone. Learning some of these songs is a good way to impress your family and friends. Choosing the right instrument is just as important as choosing the right song. Saxophones are a unique instrument because compared to other instruments it is a newer invention.